Training Services in Schools


Purpose designed, culturally appropriate and accredited training in SEND
awareness and classroom management. Our training is CPD accredited. Awards are made once all modules are completed, and learning journals are handed in and moderated by our team.


SEND Professional Development Course for staff and teaching assistants in Jewish Schools

Our courses are delivered in 6 modules topics to be covered and include

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Module One

Learning to learn

Key strategies for learning.

Module TWO

Autism / ASD / Sensory Perception

What it is and what we do about it.

Module Three


Effective teaching and learning activities.

Module Four

ADHD / Behavioural Difficulties

How to manage and teach children with challenging behaviour.

Module Five

Speech and Language

How to support communications.

Module Six

Social and Emotional Literacy

Help and support in school and class exploring the power of non verbal communication.


Our course aims to empower classroom-based staff to better understand and improve support to children with special educational needs throughout their educational journey, all the time working within the Jewish ethos of the school.

We add value to the existing educational support for SEND by:

  • Informing about innovative specialist education services resulting from extensive research with proven outcomes
  • Facilitating the best possible achievements for SEND children
  • Using the voluntary input of educational, health and social care professionals together with experienced trustees

Outcomes of our courses:

  • Development of SEND classroom-teaching skills
  • Better supported learning for children with special needs
  • Compliance with SEND Code of Practice as staff update their knowledge
  • Confident management of behavioural problems in the classroom
  • More effective communications between staff and children, parents/carers, health and social care workers
  • Achievement of professionally recognised qualifications by staff to enhance their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records
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Our modules will provide the following:

  • Each module has an accompanying practical resource materials for use with your children. These will be made available to course participants electronically, together with additional resource materials.
  • The course has been designed to include a Jewish ethos
  • A Learning Journal collates evidence of individual learning and skill development and is an opportunity for the staff member to reflect on their personal progress based on learning in each session and application in the work place.
  • The portfolios will be reviewed by a moderator after which there will be an overall review discussion with yourself of the complete course.
  • The Units have the potential to support performance management targets.
  • The course could potentially be delivered in 2 or 3 hour sessions.
  • Delivery is by experienced professional trainers and will include at least one guest speaker eg speech therapist or Educational Psychologist.