Our Trustee board is made up of experts with professional expertise in Special Educational Needs (SEND), user involvement, policy development, charities & business.

We are also fortunate to be supported by an expert advisory team of Special Education Needs experts including a qualified teacher with an specialism in disabilities, a consultant speech and language therapist with extensive experience in the community and an educational psychologist.

Experienced in challenging transformational change projects. Partnership working and recruiting schools is central to the daily work of the JSENSE project team.

Janis Stout Co Chair of Jsense Bio Image
Janis Stout
Co Chair
Sam Salomon Jsense Co Chair Bio Image
Sam Salomon
Sam Cohen Jsense Honorary Treasurer Bio Image
Sam Cohen
Hon. Treasurer
Jonny Wineberg Bio JSense Board Member and Trustee Image
Jonny Wineberg
Board Member and Trustee
Leah Burman Jsense Board Member and Trustee Bio Image
Leah Burman
Board Member and Trustee


In addition to our Board Members we rely on a range of specialist to help and support our programmes and without their expertise and experience we would not be able to deliver at the level that we are proud to be able to do so.

Jo Richler Bio Jsense Advisory Board Member Image
Jo Richler
Advisory Board Member
Michelle Morris Advisory Board Member Bio Image
Michelle Morris
Advisory Board Member
Sophie Behar Jsense Project Manager Bio Image
Sophie Behar
Project Director
Caroline Wertheimer Jsense Project Support Member Bio Image
Caroline Wertheimer
Project Support